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Since 1997 ARFmedia have been developed and managed several web projects targeting an international audience. We have a great and valuable knowledge on website content creation and online marketing.
Now, we can offer our experience for all clients looking to marketing any web project in portuguese speaking markets. We can develope high quality content in portuguese for your site or blog using the correct writing style based on the cultural and historical aspect of the country, making the reader comfortable on reading your web page / landing page / blog.
That's one of the challenge of writing content in portuguese for a site or blog. The portuguese used in Brazil is different than Portugal. Readers will understand, but we add a local touch in our texts in which the readers will definitely feel in home and you will increase your chances to do business with a brazilian web audience.

For corporate and business organizations looking to communicate with Brazilian clients:

Eliane Davila - Master of Cultural Manifestations

How to communicate with your audience in different countries and make your business attractive for a nation ? For all businesses looking to enter brazilian market, we can develope a customized consulting service and guide you to the correct way to present the information to this audience and most importantly, make it understandable to clients in Brazil.

This study focuses on promoting advanced studies that are oriented to the processes and cultural events in Brazil. Such studies are justified by the importance of the historical references and aesthetic reflections - as part of a memory that was achieved through acts of communication, set out in different languages ??- setting up regional and national identities which is the concentration area of this study. This study was designed from an interdisciplinary view which enables dialogue and associates specific knowledge of history, Communication and Literature and finding additional contribution in Philosophy and Art areas.

Investigates under an interdisciplinary perspective, cultural conceptions, linking them to social and historical evoluations. The focus on Processes and Cultural Manifestations starts on the establishment of relations between the area of History (rebuilding contexts), the area of Literature, Anthropology and Arts that examine the discursive production as an aesthetic act of language, and the area of ??Communication, which focuses on how to install the communication processes.

- Investigation and analysis of cultural processes and its manifestations, from the cooperation and coordination between the areas of History, Communication and Letters, with contributions from the fields of Philosophy, Anthropology and Art. The professional is able to contribute to the development of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge in the Culture area;

- Develop advanced studies as part of the processes and cultural events, in order to provide an interdisciplinary area that contributes to the production of knowledge and the qualification of teaching practice; Improve the training of researchers, teachers and other professionals so that, through their investigations and practices, promote critical reflections on the issues of identity, memory, language and about their impact on contemporary society; Qualify researchers for articulating theoretical and methodological issues transpose concepts and innovative practices to specific performance spaces.

ARFmedia - web marketing content

About Us

Alexandre Freitas

- Internet business since 1997
- websites management and content creation (tourism, show tickets, games) in several markets including UK, China, USA, Brazil, Scandinavian markets, Spanish languages markets;
- Skills: online content (text, pictures, videos, blogging, web design)
- Online marketing : very good SEO skills applied in my personal websites.

Eliane Davila
- Master of Cultural Manifestations (targeting brazilian market - culture)
- Consulting: how to communicate and marketing your business to Brazil audience based on the nation's culture and history. Development of the right way to marketing your product or service establishing an understandable marketing communication based on Brazil's costumes using the correct words in articles, blog posts and advertisements. This process will enhance the communication of the brand with customers in Brazil and make the product attractive to this nation.

ARFmedia - web marketing content

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- Tourism: (luxury getaway in Brazil ) ( jet charter )

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Our purpose: to work in international projects with the possibility to combine our website network as a tool to marketing in different languages. Study and implement ways to improve the visibility of businesses brands to the target audience and build a trusted relationship between the brands and its clients.

I've been working in internet marketing and website management since 1997, since the early days of the internet. My business is basically based on produce content for my clients to marketing it online and bring sales (advertisers or affiliates). I produce texts, pictures, movies and mix editorial content to use in blogs to give a personal touch of the product / service I am working to promote.

To help me to push results, I have a network of sites in different languages which can be used to promote my client's services. In top of that network, I am working a lot with personal blogs to give a personal view of the product I'm working on.

With heads up, I can prove my great results generated throughout the years. All my websites still online getting good results and valuable audience. Different that other sites, I sincerely feel that internet is not about huge number of visits but targeting the right audience to increase conversions and turn all this environment in a win-win situation.


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