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Nova Genesis - game review

Nova Genesis - game review

Nova Genesis is a free browsed based MMORPG game 2.5D where players must face a huge battle in a dangerous journey through the Cerulea kingdom.
The game was launched in january 2015 by R2 Games and since then a growing number of fan players has been played this game constantly.
Players must enter the world of Cerulea to defeat powerful factions that wants to rule that place obtaining absolute power. You will be one of the few to oppose these evil to bring peace and harmony back to Cerula.

Nova Weapons: players need to collect them and infuse them in different types of nebulite to get bonuses.

Squad Rush Skills: players can activate the hidden skills for their hero and increase the destruction power.

Zenith: take your resources to interact with your friends and enemies.

Party Dungeons: Challenge other players in the Labyrinth or Dreamscape.

Companions:  increase your power by recruiting NPC party members with unique skills

In this free web-browser MMORPG game players will enter in a dangerous adventure to save the world from an evil power that was forgotten for a long time. Build your army and prepare for war. Unite the best warriors of Earth to defeat the evil power which is also looking for the Nova Weapons. The Nova Weapons were a gift from the Ancients which already destroyed the Pyroi powers in that era.

Nova Genesis is compatible with all web browsers and you don't need to install any other software to start playing it.

In the Nova Genesis game you have to build your hero to level up and get more conditions to fight. You can get your strength leveled up and go up in the ranking based on your hero level, items, equipment, members, and more.

The player will enter a qualifying battle to determine how able he will be against some enemies and challenges. Players will fight against each other and go deep into an exciting battle to level up.

There are six different characters to choose.

Nova Genesis - game review

Nova Genesis - game review

Nova Genesis - game review


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