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Legacy of the Beast - Iron Maiden game

Iron Maiden launched some online games on past albums release and for sure the band has this as a good marketing strategy to promote new records. Now, it seems Iron Maiden is going in-depth on the gaming industry and in few weeks a new game will be launched. At this time, a bigger production if compared to the previous online games (A Matter of Life and Death and Different World).

Legacy of the Beast is the new game which allows players to battle as Eddie in several worlds while pump the gameplay with classic IronMaiden songs. Traveling through space and time you will have to collect items and face dangerous characters during the journey.

The game will be available on Apple Play and Google store in June. Legacy of the Beast is set to be another huge success and a lot of stuff are coming along the game.. collectibles ! This mobile game is something all fans are waiting for and even who' s not a Metal enthusiast, but aware of video games are waiting for the big launch.

Legacy of the Beast - Iron Maiden game

Legacy of the Beast - Iron Maiden game

In the last newsletters the producers reported the visit of IronMaiden crew during the Canadian gigs.

The countdown is on - we’re just about a month away from the Legacy of the Beast worldwide launch. Things have been ramping up in the studio, and April was a big month for everyone. Here’s a recap of the highlights we shared on our social channels.

Legacy of the Beast Reddit AMA
On April 8th, Phantom’s Creative Director, Llexi Leon, Game Director Hamish Millar, and Producer, Matt Wiggins gathered to host the Legacy of the Beast AMA on the r/metal subreddit!

Our team had a lot of fun fielding your questions; sharing more details on every aspect of Legacy of the Beast, in the process.

Our team had a pretty cool weekend at the beginning of April. On the 9th, Iron Maiden visited Roadhouse for a two-hour tour of the Legacy of the Beast operations. It was a career highpoint for all involved!

You can also check out CEO James Hursthouse’s personal account of the day on our Founders Forums! Simply order any Founders pack and gain access today.

The amazing weekend closed with a bang, as the Legacy of the Beast team flocked to Vancouver’s Rogers Arena to watch Iron Maiden bring down the house. Our team snapped some incredible shots from the big event.

Fans reacted very positively to Aces High Eddie. Our post featuring his final move, True Shot, was viewed by nearly 2.9 million people and shared over 5000 times! Thank you!!



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