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League of Angels - game review

League of Angels - game review

League of Angels is a browser based game launched in 2013 by the Chinese online game developer Youzu Interactive. League of Angels online game is free to play but it's possible to purchase credits to use and advance the gameplay as you can buy additional stuffs to use in the game and get better results.

Basically, League of Angels is a multiplayer online game - combat MMORPG - in which player have to fight monsters to protect the angels. Collecting Gold, diamonds and other rewards during the game will give players a higher ranking and gives the chance to buy something to help the game.  The get the best combination of fighters players must collect heroes and angels that will level up the strength to fight with monsters. Players can unlock a variety of heroes and then upgrade their skills and attributes during the gameplay. Each hero has a different skill and unique combat style and player must decide how to use each one in the battle field.

You can pick your preferred hero to start playing League of Angels and start working to improve their skill levels. Also, when you start collecting the rewards you can also use it to purchase extras things which will help your heroes successfully protect the angels.

Basically the player role is to be the heroes to fight the big boss and demons. Your task is join forces with heroes and angels and prepare for the battle. You will be in a land of fantasy and mythology of the real world. You can play the game instantly on your web browser and don't need to download and install any software.

The game itself is a MMO RPG based on search where the players can choose from different types: the defensive warrior or the destructive wizard and each character can be woman or man. Players has a big challenge in this online game : build the team of warriors ( you, heroes and angels ). During the game you can improve your battle quality and get the heroes stronger and get them armor, weapons and other items and accessories.  The players also has the opportunity to unlock other features using the rewards or purchasing on the game store.

Heroes - during the game, you will have the chance of unlock a variety of heroes and each one with different skills and equipped with different weapons.

Angels - your army can own one Angel with an unique skills to support your battle formation. Angels can be very powerful when leveled up and it can be unlocked by players.

Gameplay - the Angles needed to form an army to fight the Great Demon King's army that has swarmed through the land. Your goal is form a strong battle field to fight the enemy army until you face the Great Demon King.

Arena Battle - that's the place where you can test your army strength against other player's army. All players reaching higher positions on ranking and proving that the battle formation is superior will be eligible to get rewards.

Diamonds - you can get diamonds reaching some goals or purchasing them in the online game store. Diamonds can be used to speed up your gameplay and leveling up Angels and Heroes to get them more prepared to the battle.

League of Angels - game review


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