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Agario - tips, strategies, how to get big

Agario ... !! A good addicting game. This is an online multi-player game and you start as a small cell and your mission is eat the colorful cells and other player's cell to get bigger and bigger. Keep away from the bigger cells as they can eat you. It's just like a MMO. You probably played it just like me, but what's the best strategy to get big and turn you a giant cell ?
Send me your screenshots and strategies ideas to post here !!!

Agario - tips, strategies, how to get big

Agario strategy

As a strategy I use to stay on middle of the screen most of the time and avoid corners. You can explore the corners when you own a big cell, a giant cell ... but it's recommended to stay on the middle as you are the same distance of every side of the game. Also, you will have more time to react and think the best move for your cell while in the middle. Obviously when you have a giant cell on agario playfield you can explore the whole area but avoid stay near that fixed green cells which can explode you into small pieces.  I'm not an expert in Agario but I have tried the gameplay for a dozen times.

And you ? Have you played AgarIo ?  What's your strategy to get a big cell and eat' em all ?

About Agario Game

Don't you know this game ? Agario is a free online game. Actually a skill multiplayer game in 2D where players from all parts of the world meet up to dominate the World of Cells. Players start as a small cell but as soon you start eating the small colorful cells, you start to get bigger.  Players online has different sizes of cells based on how much they already have eaten. If you have a bigger cell, you  can eat other player's cells with smaller size than yours. The fastest way to grow your cell is eat other player's cells. This game is very simple to play and you don't need to download or install any software. The game will run instantly in your web browser.
So, you have to follow just two rules in this free online game:
1 - you can eat only cells that are smaller than you
2 - keep away from the giant cells or you will be eaten and the game will over

You can also split your cell in two or more parts to increase your area and eat more colored blurs. (press space bar to split).

Agario Walkthrough - check below our videos and see how the walkthough for Agario is. You know, the complete Agario walkthrough will take several minutes (almost an hour), but I will do my best to compile the videos and upload the complete Agario Walkthrough.

Agario playthrough

I have played Agario some times and made some videos so you can check the gameplay. My Agario playthrough videos will have different time lenght. Keep an eye in this page as I will be updating very soon with more Agario playthrough videos.



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