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Rush - Moving Pictures

Rush - Moving Pictures

It appears to me that most of the people who are familiar with Rush either are die-hard fans or haters. I place myself in between. I appreciate most of their music though Iím not that enthusiastic about them. Though their 1981′ Moving Pictures is just plain cool. Even though I feel that The Camera Eye lasts for just a little bit too long, I enjoy most of the album.

The album starst off with one of the better parts of the album. Tom Sawyer was named the 19th greatest hard rock song of all time by VH1. Personally I wouldnít place it that high but it deserves some credit! Even though I kinda feel that it is made a bit too radio-friendly. I get the feeling that they cramped the song in those four minutes.

Red Barchettta and Limelight are also two radio-friendly songs that combine their artistic success with their comercial success. Also making this their best-selling album.

Yyz is definitely my most favourite song of Rush. The main reason being that I kinda hate Geddy Leeís voice and this is a pure instrumental song. His voice sometimes give me the creeps, itís like he has a permanent cold. The other reason why this song is my favourite is because itís just plain good. This is a great showcase for the entire band!

The Camera Eye lasts a bit too long, and thereís not much variation. Itís basically one riff being played over and over with some vocals on top. Though these vocals are in my opinion the best on the album, sadly that the rest of the instruments arenít nearly as cool as they were on Yyz.

I really like the dark atmosphere created in Witch Hunt. This is a pretty heavy song for a band like Rush, but they pull it off pretty well! The album closes off with a Police influenced song named Vital Signs. This song is just brilliant. Itís a perfect closure for an album this good.

So this album is really the album to get if you want to get into Rush. Itís not that complicated to process and this album was released when they had just broken through to mainstream. They were definitely at the top of their game with the release of Moving Pictures.


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