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Arnold layne is a nasty sort of person. He is a kind of guy which seems to live an interstellar overdrive life style.. not sure it's about her easy going life or beacause he's always on drugs. He loves to see Emily play especially on cloudy days in London. I remember a day when his paint box fell from the 3rd floor and hit someone on the sidewalk. It's weird it happened as it was exactly the Julia dream (she tolds me a day before)... and when I was making my way to school she shout out "Careful with that axe, Eugene!!". I was on rush to a trip to Cirrus Minor next evening and out of my mind thinking about the Nile song I listen all the time, so didn't noticed the axe on my way. Now I'm safe and I'm just biding my time to get Julia's bike and take a ride on the beautiful streets of london. She borrow me all day long. I will get it and visit Emily and my friend Arnold.



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